The Land of the Free – your rights to be brutalised

Wow. When I saw this I thought it was some sort of Dark Humor website, the kind where a satirist takes an impossible situation and writes an “article”…. well, people, this happened. Its happening everywhere.

The cops stuck it to this guy like the lads down in gitmo/AbuG. Perhaps the most disturbing is the fact that tasers are used to INCAPACITATE, but the cops immediately after telling him to stand up, KEPT AT IT!!

Wow, this mentality is scary as hell. ZAP, Stand up!! ZAP, stand up dammit!! ZAP ZAP ZAP!!

Sure the guys seemed to be yelling a bit much, but being Arabic decent he probably knew the kind of hosing he might be in for…. I’d be yelling too to get those cameras on me…. otherwise there might be an “accident” or 4… or 5… (see blog below for the kinds of “accidents” that occur while in custody).

Citizens, we must protect ourselves from this form of “government”.


~ by evanism on December 16, 2006.

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