A sad indictment on the state of the American Mind

Last night I stumbled and found a terribly shocking video regarding the state of prisons in the US.

The Video is produced by the BBC and has found its way onto Google Video.

The premise is that the excuses offered by senior politicians that Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay are simply aberrations and not “The American Way” are a complete crock. The American prison system (and its intended systemic violence) is the model AG and GB are based upon.

Well, any thinking right-minded person would be horrified that the above gulags are not “aberrations” but simply an extension of an underlying psychosis. It can only explained using terms such as Punishment Not Rehabilitation, utter violence, contempt and criminal political conspiracy.

Make up your own mind. Remember always that this is an officially funded British institution, not some raving lunatic that made this on a handycam. Dark, very very dark.

Perhaps darker, is the fact that later in the video that the radio-calling citizens are fully aware of the horror and actually think its a good thing. Sad, sadistic, malevolent.


~ by evanism on December 16, 2006.

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